Professional Rug Repair

Despite its original durability, even a rug of the highest quality can experience damage due to many years of use. The wear and tear of foot traffic, furniture rearranging, and pets can take a toll that leaves your Oriental rug looking less than perfect. Fortunately, time-honored methods of repairing quality rugs in order to restore their initial splendor are available.  

If your oriental rug is in need of minor or major repairs, please consider our professional services for its restoration. Our skilled artisans are more than happy to explain the type of repair needed to remedy the damage.  

Our Restoration Skills

  • Color Matching
  • Fabric Matching
  • Intricate Reweaving
  • Restoration After Water Damage
  • Foundation Repair
  • Edge Restoration
  • Side Binding
  • Re-fringing
  • Hole and Tear Repairs

Common Types of Restoration

Several problematic issues commonly crop up for Oriental rugs after decades or even centuries of use. They include foundation wear, edge damage, and inner damage.


In many cases, foundation wear is remedied by coloring in the threads that have turned white. This method hides the wearing of the rug’s foundation that is showing.


Selvedge is the name used to refer to the edge of a rug. When the selvedge has become damaged due to wear, it becomes important to repair the rug in a timely fashion. Failing to do so allows the damage to intrude on the inner portion of the rug, making the repair more difficult and costly.

 If the repair is completed before the damage has time to encroach on the interior section of the rug, it can usually be repaired with a technique known as re-wrapping.  


The border of the rug is the section that aligns the selvedge. If it has been damaged in such a way that portions of it are missing, it is rewoven in order to restore the rug to its initial beauty. The color and fabric of the rug are matched to create a seamless transition from new to old.

 If the damage to the interior section of the rug involves fading in areas of the rug bordering the worn spots, we suggest having that portion rewoven as well.  


If your rug has begun to unravel at the ends, we repair it using a whip or buttonhole stitch. This type of stitch prevents additional unraveling.


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