What Are Runners & Why Do You Need One?



A runner rug is a long rectangular or oblong-shaped rug. The length of a runner is generally two or more times its width. Runners are ideal for placing in a narrow area - such as a hallway. Not only do runner rugs help tie a room together, but they can also add some warmth and color to an area in your house that is otherwise dull. 

Here are just a few examples of where you may choose to put a runner rug and some reasons as to why you may need one. 

Open Floor Plan Accent Pieces

If you happen to live in a large home with an open floor plan, then you already likely know how a runner can improve the aesthetics of your house. Runner rugs are perfect to break up space in a room while adding a touch of color and warmth.


Bedrooms are another great place to add runners. You have several options to place them including either side of the bed and at the foot of the bed. This can be especially aesthetically pleasing in large, spacious rooms with darker hardwood floors or in rooms that have high ceilings. Runners can be used to add an additional pop of color and a touch of warmth.


While this may seem like an obvious placement for a runner rug, some don't think they need one. However, not only are runners great for aesthetic purposes, but they can help to keep your feet warm during cold mornings and can help to reduce noise.

Bright Oriental runners can bring a dash of extra light to an otherwise dark hallway - making a space seem much larger through the contrast.

Down Stairs

Runner rugs on stairs are a great way to bring some additional color to your home. They are also great to reduce noise that occurs from people walking up and down stairs. If you do end up choosing an Oriental rug for your stairs, be sure to choose one that is made of durable wool as silk may be too delicate for an area with such high-traffic.

Whether you place your runner in your room, in the kitchen or in your hallway, you'll be confident in your decision that the runner will enhance your house and add value and warmth to your home.


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